Ikigai & other Japanese words to live by

 About the Book

Mari Fujimoto, Japanese native turned New Yorker, is a linguist by training. Growing up in rural Japan taught her the importance of living in harmony with nature, a principle she finds even more essential in her busy New York life.

In Ikigai & other Japanese words to live by, Fujimoto guides us through the words that underpin Japanese cultural wisdom, drawing us out of the day-to-day worries of modern life and into a space where Harmony, Nature, Gratitude, Beauty and Respect take precedence.

Each chapter is punctuated with the beautiful images of acclaimed landscape photographer Michael Kenna, poetic essays by Tokyo-based artist David Buchler, and haiku from one of the great masters of the form, Matsu Bashō. The result is a meditation that readers will be drawn back to again and again.

The book can be found in your local bookstore and online via:

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Fujimoto offers a way into a culture that can
often seem remote to foreigners
— Fiona Macdonald, BBC Culture